Foods You Shouldn’t Refrigerate

Foods You Shouldn’t Refrigerate

We all love our refrigerators. They allow us to keep our leftovers fresh, keep the nutrients in our favorite foods, and even slow down the activity of bacteria. However, the vast capabilities of a refrigerator are limited. Some foods can’t retain their freshness when placed in a fridge. In fact, some foods can become worse when placed in a refrigerator, which is why this blog will show you foods you shouldn’t refrigerate. Continue reading to see what you should keep out of your fridge.

Foods You Shouldn’t Refrigerator

When you purchase food, you expect to eat it. Throwing out food because it spoiled is like seeing a wad of money going down the drain. To ensure you don’t have a similar result, check out the following foods you shouldn’t refrigerate below.


Bread is one of the most versatile foods there is. This can be used for sandwiches, French toast, pizza, and so much more. To enjoy bread in all its gloriousness, you need to ensure it is kept fresh, which can be done either in a freezer or in a pantry. But if you place bread in a refrigerator, you will regret your choice because it will dry faster.


Potatoes are another food that tastes best when served at room temperature. You’ll notice a change in flavor if you store potatoes in the refrigerator. When potatoes are stored in a refrigerator, they will quickly rot and lose flavor.


Similar to potatoes, tomatoes also lose flavor when kept in the refrigerator. If tomatoes are stored in the fridge, they will become mushier in texture. It is much better to keep tomatoes on your counter because doing so will delay the ripening process.


Basil and thyme are two examples of herbs that are used to enhance food and give us a rich and flavorful meal. However, if you keep these herbs in a refrigerator, you might be missing out on the best that they have to offer. Your herbs will quickly dry up and lose their flavor, much like bread. Your herbs should be kept on the counter, out of direct sunlight, and ideally in water that is room temperature.


Most people know that bananas should be placed on countertops. Because bananas spoil quite quickly, it is important to store them properly to prevent this from happening at a faster pace. This fruit will do better in a room temperature area because it helps the fruit finish ripening. Otherwise, bananas will lose their flavor and become mushy, just like other fruits.


The reason your avocados haven’t been ripening in the fridge is because they don’t belong there. On a countertop, avocados will progress in their ripening much more easily. However, a refrigerator is a fantastic place to store them once they are ripe.


Similar to some of the other foods on our list, garlic starts to lose flavor when kept in the refrigerator. This can also cause mold to grow more quickly, shortening its shelf life. Garlic should be kept in a pantry or cabinet instead.


When you think about it, putting any kind of oil in a refrigerator seems kind of strange. Oils are typically stored in cabinets, and for good reason. When stored in a fridge, oil could become cloudy or rancid, wasting your money. So whether you have olive oil, coconut oil, or any other type of cooking oil, be sure to keep them in a cabinet and not a fridge for the best results when cooking.

Foods You Shouldn't Refrigerate

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