A Guide To Front-Load Washer Repair Costs

A Guide To Front-Load Washer Repair Costs

Your front-load washer is an indispensable appliance when it comes to keeping your clothes and other linens clean. Without any kind of washer, you would be left to wash individual items by hand and lose so much valuable time in your day. While maintenance routines can help keep these appliances running smoothly, you’ll sometimes be forced to deal with repairs no matter what you do. When faced with repairs, you might find yourself becoming anxious about the costs. To ease these anxieties, learn more about front-load washer repair costs in this blog. 

A Guide To Front-Load Washer Repair Costs

Front-load washer repair costs are not always going to be the same across the board. There are many factors to consider, like whether individual parts need repairs or replacement, the labor costs, and whether the whole machine needs repairs. Even the brand can play a role in determining front-load washer repair costs. Let’s start learning about front-load washer repair costs by examining the costs of repairing and replacing individual parts. 

Repair Costs For Individual Parts 

Where individual parts of a front-load washer are concerned, the ones that tend to receive repairs are the transmission, motor, timer, belt, drain hose, control board, and shock absorber. The transmission, which helps with the movement of your machine, can be repaired for as little as $100 or as much as $350. This price range is the same for repairing the shock absorber. 

Motor repairs don’t have as wide a gap, costing $320-$400. The costs of repairing the timer, belt, and drain hose can range from $120 to $250, depending on additional factors like brand, specific repairs, and time for repairs. While obtaining control board parts costs $100-$300, the repairs themselves can be expensive, ranging from $350-$550. 

Replacement Costs For Individual Parts 

Of course, not all individual parts can be repaired and instead need to be replaced. Parts that require replacing consist of the drum bearings, inlet valve, pump, and sometimes the belt. The drum bearings last for ten years, and when you start hearing strange noises when your washing machine is in operation, it might be time to replace those drum bearings. With labor costs, this replacement costs $100-$250. 

The water inlet valve, which is responsible for water flow in the machine, can cost $20-$100 to obtain and over $160 to install. While obtaining a replacement pump can cost less than $100, the labor costs can bring that price up to $300. As for the belt, replacing it tends to have the same price range as repairing it, depending on the brand and labor. 

Labor Costs 

As you may have noticed, labor can have a significant impact on overall front-load washer repair costs. Most services charge for labor by the hour, ranging from $50 to $150, and might include an additional fee of $50-$100. You will want to speak with a specific appliance repair service about rates if you want a more concrete idea of those prices. 

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Overall Front-Load Washer Repair Costs 

No front-load washer repair costs are the same for every job. The national average for this repair service, including labor, is estimated at $180-$200, with a minimum of $50-$70 and a maximum of $400-$450. Ultimately, the final costs depend on the repairs in question, the labor, the brand of the machine, and other contributing factors. 

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We hope you found this guide to front-load washer repair costs helpful. You don’t have to be as stressed now that you know what these costs consist of and what can impact them. If you find yourself in need of these services, contact us today at Appliance Repair Pembroke Pines to keep your laundry appliances up and running. 

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