Common Oven Problems

Common Oven Problems

In a perfect world, everything would work as intended. Online streams wouldn’t buffer, video games wouldn’t have glitches, and ovens would be free of problems. Sadly, since this world isn’t perfect, all these things exist.

Thankfully, you have us to rely on, at least when your oven decides to not work. In this blog, we will be discussing common oven problems and how to solve them. Continue reading for the insight you’re seeking.

Common Oven Problems

We all love our ovens, at least when they work. This is an appliance that allows us to feed our families and even warm us up during those cold winter months. However, when an oven starts developing issues, it feels like we are thrusted into an era where we have to go hunting to eat a meal. Luckily, you won’t have to when you check out how to solve some of the most common oven problems.

Oven Door Won’t Open

One of the most common problems people have with their oven is when it refuses to open. This is most likely happening because the door is locked, which is a safety feature that occurs whenever the self-cleaning cycle is in progress and has finished. Your oven door locks because the oven gets so hot from burning off extra food and greases that it can harm someone.

The locked oven door prevents anyone from being injured but will unlock after 30-90 minutes. If this isn’t the case, you may need to remove the door off its hinges. Check to see if there is any damage and replace the part(s) accordingly.

The Oven’s Light Won’t Turn On

Your oven’s interior light comes in handy whenever you need to see if the food you’re cooking is coming along or finished. If the light bulb wears out, you’ll miss out on all that an oven light offers. It’s best to immediately change the bulb when you have a chance. Be sure to use rubber gloves when replacing the bulb so it doesn’t break and cut your hand in the process.

Food Won’t Cook Evenly

Unevenly cooked food is the worst. Initially, it deceives you with a tasty first bite. Then before you know it, you’re biting into a hard and frozen piece of food. If you want to solve this oven problem, you have two options: test your oven and replace any broken components, or let a technician handle it.

The Oven Doesn’t Heat Up

An oven’s sole function is to heat food. So when this function doesn’t work, it can make you frustrated. This issue can be the result of a malfunctioning igniter or another heating element, depending on the kind of oven you have. You have two options: hire a professional to fix this issue, like the ones here at Appliance Repair Pembroke Pines, or attempt to handle the issue on your own. Simply replacing the igniter will solve this issue.

The Oven Won’t Power On

Check everything, from the cooktop burners to the oven light, if you think your oven won’t turn on. If the range seems to be working but nothing else is, you might need to change the igniter. If nothing works, though, there might be a problem with the gas line.

Common Oven Problems

Appliance Repair Pembroke Pines Can Assist

These were just some of the most common oven problems. As you can probably tell, a lot of the issues can be solved with ease. However, if you would much rather leave a professional to handle the situation, you can’t do wrong with Appliance Repair Pembroke Pines. We have the skilled technicians this job requires with years of experience to boot. Give our team a call to get the service your oven desperately needs.

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