When To Replace Dryer Balls

When To Replace Dryer Balls

Dryer balls are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to dryer sheets. They are touted as being less wasteful, shortening drying time, great for preventing wrinkles, and having fabric-softening properties. Because of how many times they can be used, dryer balls are also a great solution if you want to save money on laundry supplies. With all these perks in mind, knowing when to replace dryer balls is just as important. 

How Do Dryer Balls Work? 

To fully understand when to replace dryer balls, you must first know how dryer balls work. The most common dryer balls are made of wool. Wool allows dryer balls to last through hundreds of cycles before they need to be recharged or replaced. When in the dryer, these wool dryer balls absorb heat and moisture from the clothes, which allows the clothes to dry faster and prevent any wrinkles. 

When To Replace Dryer Balls 

Now that you know how they work, you’ll be able to understand better when to replace dryer balls. Here are just a few ways to know when to replace dryer balls: 

1. They Have Been Through The Most Cycles Possible

The most amount of cycles that dryer balls can effectively go through is one thousand. If you’re someone who takes care of the laundry at a set regular schedule, then you should be able to have an approximate idea of how long you’ll be able to use your dryer balls. Of course, not everyone wants to or can keep a tally of every time their dryer balls are used, so you also want to pay attention to these other signs. 

2. They Look Like They’re Falling Apart

The most obvious indication of when to replace dryer balls is their appearance. If they look like they’re falling apart, whether it’s through being worn out or frayed, then it’s definitely time to order replacements. However, if they start to develop this appearance, you can sometimes preserve them through recharging, which we will dive into later. 

3. They Aren’t As Effective As Before 

If your dryer balls look like they’re falling apart, start paying attention to how effective they are at doing their job. If your clothes aren’t coming out as dry as they were before, then that’s another sign that your dryer balls need replacing. 

4. Pieces Of Loose Wool Are Showing Up On Your Clothes

As stated earlier, your dryer balls falling apart is a very telling sign that they need to be replaced. If you require extra confirmation that this needs to be done, consider whether you’ve seen loose pieces of wool showing up on your clothes after drying.

Recharging Dryer Balls 

You want to get the most out of the benefits offered by dryer balls while you can. The best way to ensure your dryer balls last is to recharge or maintain them properly. Let’s take a look at how you can recharge your dryer balls and reap all their benefits. 

when to replace dryer balls

1. Run Through A Hot, Gentle Wash Cycle

Put your dryer balls in a washing machine load to recharge them. Make sure the setting is hot and gentle. Warm water is also effective for washing dryer balls. Experts recommend putting the dryer balls in a wash cycle with other clothes and keeping them in a washer-friendly mesh bag. 

2. Set Your Dryer On High Heat

As the wash cycle comes to an end, prepare your dryer. To effectively dry your dryer balls, ensure your dryer is on a high heat setting. For extra effectiveness, you can add a gentle dryer detergent. 

3. Rinse With Cold Water

After the dry cycle is complete, rinse the dryer balls under cold water, then leave them to dry. Once they are completely dry, you should be able to use them again. If you’d rather not rely on your washer and dryer to recharge your dryer balls, there’s also a hand-wash method you can try out too. 

Our Technicians Can Help With All Your Dryer Needs!

Knowing when to replace dryer balls will allow you to be better equipped to maintain your dryer. However, your dryer might sometimes encounter problems that a little maintenance or troubleshooting might not be able to fix. In those cases, you’ll need to call an appliance technician. Luckily, if you contact us at Appliance Repair Pembroke Pines, our technicians can easily help with all your dryer needs. 


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