How To Reset Ice Maker

How To Reset Ice Maker

Are you someone that gets disturbed drinking room-temperature beverages? Simply taking a sip of warm juice or water can completely ruin your mood. This is why ice makers in refrigerators always come in handy. However, when your ice maker isn’t operating properly, you will find yourself back at square one. Don’t settle for the worst version of your favorite beverage. Instead, learn how to reset your ice maker below to fix your issue and get back to ensure drinking ice-cold beverages.

how to reset ice maker

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How An Ice Maker Works

Ice makers are a very convenient feature of our refrigerators, but most don’t know exactly how they work. To understand how to fix something, you must first know how it works, which is why we will show you how an ice maker works.

There are many factors at play to make this process as convenient as possible for you. First, a signal is sent to the water valve on your refrigerator, allowing the ice mold to be filled with water. This water becomes frozen and loosened by a heating coil. The ejector blades push out the cubes out of the mold and into the tray. You can raise and lower the lever to stop or start the ice cube-making process.

There are many possible reasons why your ice maker is refusing to work. Maybe your water filter needs a replacement, your plumbing could have weak water pressure, or you could have a defective lever. Whatever the reason for this issue, let’s learn how to reset your ice maker to see if your problem can be fixed.

How To Reset Ice Maker

There could be many reasons behind this problem of yours, but the following solutions could solve it.

Press the On/Off Switch

Pressing the on/off switch could fix all your ice maker troubles. Simply locate this switch, which is typically at the bottom of your ice maker, then remove the ice tray. After turning the ice maker off, give it some time before turning it back on. Once some time has passed, press the button, then place your tray back in. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can hold the reset button.

Hold The Reset Button

It could all be so simple. Getting your ice maker back up and running doesn’t have to be a complicated process. All you may need to do is simply hold the reset button. You can typically locate this button at the bottom of your ice maker. After locating it, hold down the button for a few seconds, then let go. Check to see if everything is working properly again.

Adjust The Lever

If either of those solutions doesn’t solve the problem, try adjusting the lever, also known as the feeler arm. The problem could be that this lever is stuck, so try pushing this lever down to free it. After loosening the lever, it should be able to run again.

Unplug The Refrigerator

If you are still here, that means none of these options were successful. Therefore it is time to unplug your refrigerator. This will manually reset the entire unit. Give your appliance some time before plugging it back in, approximately 10 minutes. Once you plug it in, pull down the lever a few times to ensure everything is working once again. It should be able to make ice cubes again, but if it doesn’t, call Appliances Repair Pembroke Pines for assistance.

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