A Guide To Front-Load Washer Seal Replacement

A Guide To Front-Load Washer Seal Replacement

A front-load washer seal keeps water from getting out of the machine during a cycle. Without this device, your laundry room would be a constant flood zone. Unfortunately, the front washer seal isn’t everlasting. Eventually, this part of your front-load washer will need to be replaced. Keep reading this blog if you want to learn when and how to approach front-load washer seal replacement. 

front-load washer seal replacement

When Is A Front-Load Washer Seal Replacement Necessary? 

When it comes to front-load washer seal replacement, you probably want to know how to tell if the seal needs to be replaced. As explained below, three scenarios will call for a front-load washer seal replacement: 

1. Mold And/Or Mildew

Because of how often this part of your washer comes into contact with water, it’s very susceptible to mold and/or mildew. If you don’t regularly clean the washer seal, the chances of mold or mildew appearing are high. You’ll notice mold or mildew on the seal if there’s a bizarre smell coming from your washer or visible mold growth. 

2. Constant Leaks 

If your front-load washer constantly leaks, it means your seal isn’t doing its job and needs replacing. The leaks could be caused by a variety of reasons, including wear and tear. If the leaking doesn’t stop, order the replacement seal as soon as possible. 

3. Broken Seal 

Sometimes things just break, and front-load washer seals are no exception. Whatever the cause, you don’t want to resign yourself to constant flooding while doing laundry, so replace that seal immediately. 

Front-Load Washer Seal Replacement In 6 Steps  

Now that you know when a front-load washer seal replacement is necessary, you’re ready to learn the steps involved in the actual replacement process. Remember that every front-load washer works differently, so keep your user manual on hand for specific steps since this blog serves as a more general guide. 

1. Turn Off And Disconnect Front-Load Washer And Water

For your safety, the first thing you want to do is turn off the washer and disconnect it from the water source. Doing this will prevent any accidents from taking place while you replace the seal. 

2. Remove The Front Panel Or Work Through It 

Depending on the brand and model of your front-load washer, your next step will involve either removing or working through its front panel. You should be able to unscrew the front panel off the washer; otherwise, consult the user manual for details. If your front-load washer includes an outer clamp, you’ll also need the screwdriver to remove that part. 

3. Detach The Inner Seal Clamp, Hose, And Seal 

After removing or repositioning the front panel, proceed to detach the inner seal clamp and hose before removing the old seal. You’ll need pliers and/or a socket to loosen the inner seal clamp and a screwdriver to remove the hose. Once those parts are detached, you’ll remove the old seal carefully and clean the area where it was once located before installing the new one. 

4. Install The New Seal 

Now it’s time for the actual front-load washer seal replacement. Determine where the nozzles are so you can ensure the seal is properly aligned prior to installing it. To make the process easier, you can use very small amounts of liquid soap to lubricate the seal, then start at the top center before picking a direction from which you will install it. Your user manual will provide more specific instructions for your specific front-load washer, so as long as you follow those guidelines, you should be able to replace your seal successfully. 

5. Reattach The Inner Clamp, Hose, And Outer Clamp

After installing the new seal, you’ll need to reattach your front-load washer’s hose, inner clamp, and outer clamp. You’ll screw the inner clamp back in place before reattaching the hose with pliers. Finally, the outer clamp will be reattached with a screwdriver. 

6. Reinstall The Front Panel And Reconnect The Washer 

Using your user manual, you’ll follow the instructions to reinstall the front panel of your washer. Once the front panel is nice and secure, you can reconnect the washer to water and power and turn it on again. 


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